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Why Your Organization Needs Bill Johnson

Intelligence, dependability, strong work ethic, ability to adapt to a changing environment, honesty, ability to work well both within a team and independently, willingness to work hard until the job or project is done - those are all characteristics employers desire for their employees. Yet those are also terms that managers and co-workers have used to describe Bill Johnson. In addition to the skills and experience he's acquired during his 18 years in the workforce, Bill possesses qualities that make him the kind of person most employers want to have on their payroll.

Bill has a lot to offer to a prospective employer by way of experience. He's spent nine years in the IT field, filling roles in database reporting, SEO research, desktop support, help desk, and general troubleshooting. He's worked four years in customer service roles, both in a retail setting and over the phone. For two of those years, he was a customer service manager. Bill has been promoted by nearly every employer he has ever worked for, and has almost ten years of experience in managing others.

Bill Johnson specializes in streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. He is a born analyst who always looks for the most efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish his assignments. Whether he's troubleshooting computers, converting data, creating client reports, or unloading trucks, Bill is always thinking about how to get the same or better results with fewer man hours and company resources.

Like many other people looking for employment in this troubled economy, Bill is not limiting his job search to just one field. He is open to any field in which he believes he can perform well for his new employer. This list includes, but is not limited to, IT, customer service, writing, illustration, retail, and wharehousing. His ethics require him to give 100% to his job and employer, regardless of the type of job he's performing.

Professional Accomplishments

Data Reporting
Data Reporting - graphic by Scott Maxwell While fulfilling his role as a Quality Assurance Manager for PRC, Bill took the initiative to consolidate reporting across departments. He utilized his mastery of Excel to create a single report that could be used by Project Management, Payroll, Team Supervisors, and Quality Assurance to measure agent workload, productivity, and project performance, as well as to determine commission distribution. Bill designed this Excel workbook so that all the metrics reported in it were calculated solely from the data entered by two Quality Assurance agents. This saved a number of man hours across departments since it enabled several employees and managers to find this information in one convenient place, as opposed to hunting for it in several different locations and then performing additional calculations, as had been done before.

Bill was later promoted to a Database Reports Analyst role at PRC (he would be promoted a total of three times during his time there). When he first assumed this role, the workload consisted almost entirely of manual data entry in producing daily reports sent to the company's clients. Bill utilized his knowledge of SQL, VB, and Access to fully automate the workload, streamlining 40 man hours worth of work each week to just five.

SEO - photo by Sean O'Grady In his role as Research and Development Manager for Web Genius (now Stein Digital Media), Bill created that company's Keyword Research services. He developed ways to efficiently research and generate thousands of highly focused keywords to target for each client's search engine optimization. Close to two million keywords were developed under his supervision. This became an invaluable service for the company to market to prospective clients. Most importantly, it dramatically increased company revenue as well traffic driven to client web sites.

Bill also pioneered methods used to achieve top listings for client web sites on various directories around the Internet. This led him to develop the Directory Site services, another valuable service and revenue stream for the company. This service and the Keyword Research service each grew into departments of their own, complete with dedicated team members under Bill's supervision.

Customer Service
customer Service - photo by Mike Bitzenhofer Bill was the first Customer Service Agent on staff at Web Genius. He built that department into a team of Client Service Agents who would form yet another department that would fall under his supervision. Bill's calm, yet, confident demeanor coupled with his masterful expertise of the company's services proved to be invaluable in retaining and establishing a rapport with the company's top clients. He proved to be very effective in "turning around" difficult clients. His honesty and passion for providing the best service possible for each and every client shone through on every client contact.

Leadership - graphic by Scott Maxwell Nearly every organization that has employed Bill has also promoted him, often multiple times. During his time with Web Genius, he trained and taught 99% of the employees who came through the door. He also took the initiative to create a fully digital inter-departmental workflow for processing new clients. This required obtaining the cooperation of four different departments, the heads of those departments, as well as the various team members in those departments. This re-organization of processes reduced the ramp-up time for new clients by 75%.

Retail - photo by Bill Ballantyne As an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart, Bill took on the task of reducing the overstocked merchandise in the Paper Goods department. He started out with 40 pallets of overstock in the back room, representing thousands of dollars in unsold merchandise and several months of neglect. Through hard work and thoughtful organization, Bill was able to reduce the amount of overstock to just 4 pallets within a period of just one month. In less than two years, Bill would be promoted twice while working for this company and end up with an hourly wage that was nearly 40% higher than he started.

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